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Perks to buy Reddit upvotes

Like all social media platforms, the Reddit algorithm functions the same; posts with higher engagement have the potential to go viral. Therefore, to have better rankings, your account should have more upvotes. Gaining upvotes organically is a tough task; buying them would be the best option. Upvotes work as positive signals to boost the algorithm; posts with more upvotes will go viral. After buying Reddit upvotes, you can enhance your post's reach by using an algorithm. Here are seven detailed benefits of the service:

Build Karma

Karma is the total net score of your Reddit votes. Unambiguous? Let us explain, it is the average of upvotes and downvotes you have on your post. If you have a low karma score, chances are visitors will not trust you. However, a higher karma score will improve your rankings and audience interaction. So, to enjoy all these perks, consider buying Reddit upvotes.

Increase Visibility

The reason behind using Reddit is, definitely to increase visibility and get popular as a reliable brand or influencer. After buying Reddit upvotes, your wish will come true. These upvotes show positive signals to the algorithm, and your posts will start getting more shares, likes, and comments.

Save you Bucks

Spending hundreds of dollars on ads cannot bring such results that positive upvotes can. So, instead of spending your money on expensive ads, make a strategic move and buy upvotes from Followerzoid.

Time Efficient

Organic growth of upvotes is a tedious and impossible task, especially if you have a new account. Therefore, it is better to handle your content creation task and trust our services to buy upvotes.

Drive More Traffic

By buying more upvotes, you can get millions of traffic to your account. You can get benefit from this traffic by directing it to your desired location such as a website or other social platform. Upvotes will also act as a magnet for you. They provoke other visitors to be a part of your community.

Brand Awareness

A huge number of upvotes enhance your brand awareness and make you an authority in your niche. It also propels your post to the related subreddits, which further enhances your awareness.

Why choose Followerzoid to buy reddit upvotes?

In an era where creating an online reputation seems impossible due to intense competition and deceptive service providers. Trusting Followerzoid to buy reddit upvotes is your best decision because they comply with platform guidelines, fulfill their promises, and are passionate about your success on Reddit.  Everyone is trying to promote their business, share information, or just want to create a social media presence, through their corresponding platforms. They should be! as this is the need of the hour. Despite Facebook and Instagram, Reddit will also help to skyrocket your business to the target audience.

So, look no further, we are here to help you out. Why choose Followerzoid's service? Because we offer genuine and high-authority upvotes from active Reddit users. These upvotes will provide credibility, engagement, and karma scores to your posts, and that’s what you need! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and just quickly get started to enjoy the fun of Reddit upvotes. So knock two birds with one stone and get reddit upvotes affordably! 

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Buying reddit upvotes is the best way to boost momentum! Here are some things to know before you fall for its purchase.

75000 customers can’t be wrong! Trust Followerzoid, trust in your new Reddit Upvotes and trust in your safe growth.

Is it safe to buy Reddit upvotes?

Absolutely, buying upvotes is safe as long as they are from real users. Followerzoid, being the best social media marketing agency for many years, understands your safety concerns about your account.

To make your safety guaranteed, our team complies with all Reddit policies and provides upvotes from active users. In contrast, if you rely on cheaper sites to buy upvotes, you will end up banning your account. 

What is the best place to buy Reddit Upvotes?

Followerzoid is the best site to buy Reddit upvotes in the current market due to our unbeatable pricing & accounts quality. We provide upvotes from real-user accounts without compromising on quality. If you want to sky-rocket your Reddit posts, pick up our any plan.

What happens if my upvotes drop over time?

Although, it will not happen. But if you notice any drop in the number of upvotes count, then don’t panic. Our 30-day replacement service is here for you. After completing your order, our team will keep analyzing and checking your account activity. If there is any drop in the upvotes or fake activity detected, then they will take prompt action to fulfill your order.

How much does it cost to buy reddit upvotes?

When you search to buy thread followers, many service providers will vie to grab your attention and claim to provide thread followers at the cheapest price possible. No wonder they do! But at the same time, they fail to provide followers from real and active users. This affects your account algorithm and leads to a reduction in your overall ranking.


This is exactly where Followerzoid outshines its competitors. It not only offers thrifty packages but also guarantees real followers and ensures your account safety. Don’t just take our word for it; validate our claim through your own experience.

Here is a list of our transparent price plans:

  • 10 followers for 5.99 $
  • 25 followers for 7.99 $
  • 50 followers for 12.99 $
  • 100 followers for 21.99 $
  • 200 followers for 39.99 $
  • 250 followers for 45.50 $

Followerzoid takes the lead by curating the most affordable packages that meet everyone’s needs.

Do others know about my purchased upvotes?

No, None of your followers or competitors will know about your purchased upvotes. We take your privacy seriously and provide you with upvotes using secure and encrypted methods. We also curate your growth process in separate phases to make it more organic.

Can I choose multiple posts for my Reddit upvotes?

Yes! Of course. At Followerzoid, we have designed versatile and customizable packages, especially for Reddit upvotes. You have the freedom to divide the number of upvotes across your multiple posts. The process is as simple as pie: submit the post URL along with your selected plan. Now, hand it over to our team; they will evenly disperse your upvotes across your posts.

How Followerzoid’s Reddit upvotes are different from other sites?

Our long history of recurring and satisfied clients sets us apart from the other diddle service providers. We are known for our unique services of providing authentic upvotes from real accounts. Other sites that claim to provide upvotes at the cheapest price actually provide upvotes from fake or bot users who do not interact and add value to your account.

By contrast, Followerzoid has a network of real Redditors who will not only add numbers but value to your content by upvoting, commenting, and sharing your posts.

How long will it take to deliver my upvotes?

The time required for the order delivery varies depending upon your order, such as the number of upvotes, quantity, and targeted audience.

However, after your order confirmation, our team will not waste a second and start working on your project. So, your Reddit upvotes will start to soar, and you will start noticing an increase in engagement within no time. A huge number of upvotes make your account more appealing and enhance your following. That is all due to our large network of active Redditors.

Will my account get shadow-banned after purchasing Reddit upvotes?

Of course not! To protect your account from getting shadow-banned, make sure not to trust any diddle service provider and search for reliable services. You can unquestioningly trust Followerzoid in this regard. We have delivered our services to hundreds of clients and none of them come across this type of issue.

Followerzoid is Revamping!

To market your Reddit posts, Followerzoid had been there for you since 2018. According to the stats of the previous year, Reddit is one of the largest platforms with over 500 million users and 170 million dollars in income.

We use organic methods and strategies to provide you with the best results that add ultimate value to your content. We employ networking techniques to make your account stand out. You won’t encounter any fake or inactive bots that ruin the algorithm of your profile. The best part about our service is that we provide upvotes according to your preferred location.

Affordable plans

Followerzoid is committed to providing the best services at an affordable price. You do not need to cost your fortune to get the best results. Our team designs packages that are thrifty and meet everyone’s needs.

Proven Track Records

Followerzoid is known for its reliable and trustworthy services. Our track record speaks loud and clear. The positive words of our clients boost the confidence of our potential new customers in our services.

100% Security

One of the main concerns customers have while buying any service is their account safety. You will be happy to know that Followerzoid goes the extra mile to ensure your account safety and to avoid spamming activities.

High Quality

At Followerzoid, our team will not only add numbers but value to upvotes count. Each upvote will come from real and active users. 

Myths Bursting Against Reddit Upvotes Purchase

Myth-1: Purchased Upvotes will not give any benefit

It is commonly said by users that purchased upvotes will not give any benefits. Let me burst your myth.


The value of any Reddit account is determined by the number of followers, engagement, and upvotes they have. Accounts with more engagement and upvotes are considered an authority and more users are attracted to them. Definitely, when we visit any profile, we too consider these factors.

Everyone is impressed by the account having more followers and upvotes as compared to those who have only a few upvotes. So, when your account has more upvotes, how it will not bring value? After valuable content, upvotes are the second thing users consider engaging.

Myth 2: Buying Reddit Upvotes is Unethical

Many users thinks that buying Reddit upvotes is unethical and against the rules of the app.


Like many users, you too will be thinking that purchased Reddit upvotes are unethical or can ban your account. This is not true. Buying Reddit upvotes is only unethical if you buy them from any unauthorized site that provides you with fake or spam upvotes from bots. If you stick to only organic growth this will not benefit you because when you are waiting for the organic growth, many of your competitors boost their accounts and steal your conversions. 

Myth-3: Purchased Upvotes can ban your account

The main concern of the users about buying Reddit upvotes is whether their accounts get banned or they have to share their credentials. The answer to your questions is just discussed below:


The danger of your password getting hacked or changed will only occur if we ask for your login credentials. Luckily, we don’t need any of your personal data. You will only provide us the URL of your post you want to boost.

The other issue of the account getting banned only happens if you share irrelevant or toxic content, violate Reddit laws, users complain about your content or any related issue. The other reason for the account getting banned is when you buy upvotes from low authority or cheap sites. These sites use fake bots to increase your upvotes which ultimately leads to banned accounts. Here, we will be careful about all the rules and guidelines. We provide upvotes from the real user’s accounts.

Myth-4: The Trend of buying upvotes has been decreased.

It is a common myth that the trend of purchasing upvotes has been decreased. Let’s see whether it is true or not!


According to the stats of 2024, 14000 businesses are created every day. The first and foremost step of every business is to create a social media presence, as it is the main part of the growth strategy. 55% of these businesses create social media profiles to generate traffic and conversions. So, whether your business is related to the advertisement, affiliate marketing, or anything else, creating a Reddit account and boosting your upvotes will always help. There is no chance of a decrease in the trend of boosting upvotes.