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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying upvotes for reddit is the best way to boost momentum! But here are some things to know before you fall for it’s purchase. 

Definitely, it helps you increase organic impressions. When more audiences approach and engage with your posts, the algorithm of the system works and sends your posts to a larger audience. This will automatically increase your organic impressions, reach, and upvotes.


The actual time required to complete your order depends on the number of upvotes you want. But, after your order confirmation, it usually takes about 24 hours to complete your upvote target. To avoid spamming and maintain the platform algorithm, we gradually increase upvotes.

No, there is no limit to buying upvotes. But you have to be careful about the communities and subreddits in which you want to rank your post. It is recommended to buy upvotes in batches to prevent spam. If the top post is getting 300 upvotes, you should not send more than 300 upvotes, it will not look normal.

Yes, if you buy Reddit upvotes from any authorized service provider it will be safe. Luckily! Followerzoid guarantees safe and secure service that will not harm your account.

Followerzoid is the best place to buy Reddit upvotes in the current market due to their unbeatable quality. We provide upvotes from real-user accounts without compromising any quality. If you want to sky-rocket your Reddit posts, then don’t hesitate to reach us.


The cost of upvotes depends on the number of upvotes you want to purchase. You can choose the quantity of upvotes either with your budget or with the target you want to achieve.


There is no limit on the type of content to promote with Reddit upvotes. We provide a diverse number of ways to promote your content irrespective of whether it is an image, meme, informational content, or a funny video.


Accept only the best upvotes for your content

High Quality upvotes helps to  build the status of your profile ultimately. On the flip side, low quality bot accounts can also destroys your profile look and get you banned on reddit. So choose Followerzoid to boost your karma, gain visibility, build reputation, and save your efforts.

Followerzoid designed for projects of all shapes & sizes. 

Followerzoid -The Best Site for Reddit Service!

Everyone is trying to promote their business, share information, or just want to create a social media presence, through their corresponding platforms. They should be! as this is the need of the hour. Despite Facebook and Instagram, Reddit will also help to skyrocket your business to the target audience. So, look no further, we are here to help you out. Why choose Followerzoid’s service? Because we offer genuine and high-authority upvotes from active Reddit users. These upvotes will provide credibility, engagement, and karma scores to your posts, and that’s what you need! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and just quickly get started to enjoy the fun of Reddit upvotes. So knock two birds with one stone and get reddit upvotes affordably! 

Followerzoid is Revamping!

To market your Reddit posts, Followerzoid had been there for you since 2018. According to the stats of the previous year, Reddit is one of the largest platforms with over 500 million users and 170 million dollars in income.

We use organic methods and strategies to provide you with the best results that add ultimate value to your content. We employ networking techniques to make your account stand out. You won’t encounter any fake or inactive bots that ruin the algorithm of your profile. The best part about our service is that we provide upvotes according to your preferred location.

Safe and Secure

We can provide the best upvotes and comments for the price while also ensuring that your account is safe and secure. Our Reddit upvotes services are safe, as we target specific and authentic subreddits.

100% Guaranteed results

The best part about our service is that we provide 100% guaranteed results. You can enjoy the boost in your upvotes within no time.

Customer Care

We provide 24/7 customer support to assist you with all of your inquiries about our service and to offer you some special tips to boost your results.

Fund Refund Option

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you are not happy with our services we will refund you, your all money within no time and discussion.

Myths Bursting About Reddit Upvotes Purchase

Myth-1: Purchased Upvotes will not give any benefit

It is commonly said by users that purchased upvotes will not give any benefits. Let me burst your myth.


The value of any Reddit account is determined by the number of followers, engagement, and upvotes they have. Accounts with more engagement and upvotes are considered an authority and more users are attracted to them. Definitely, when we visit any profile, we too consider these factors.

Everyone is impressed by the account having more followers and upvotes as compared to those who have only a few upvotes. So, when your account has more upvotes, how it will not bring value? After valuable content, upvotes are the second thing users consider engaging.

Myth 2: Buying Reddit Upvotes is Unethical

Many users thinks that buying Reddit upvotes is unethical and against the rules of the app.


Like many users, you too will be thinking that purchased Reddit upvotes are unethical or can ban your account. This is not true. Buying Reddit upvotes is only unethical if you buy them from any unauthorized site that provides you with fake or spam upvotes from bots. If you stick to only organic growth this will not benefit you because when you are waiting for the organic growth, many of your competitors boost their accounts and steal your conversions. 

Myth-3: Purchased Upvotes can ban your account

The main concern of the users about buying Reddit upvotes is whether their accounts get banned or they have to share their credentials. The answer to your questions is just discussed below:


The danger of your password getting hacked or changed will only occur if we ask for your login credentials. Luckily, we don’t need any of your personal data. You will only provide us the URL of your post you want to boost.

The other issue of the account getting banned only happens if you share irrelevant or toxic content, violate Reddit laws, users complain about your content or any related issue. The other reason for the account getting banned is when you buy upvotes from low authority or cheap sites. These sites use fake bots to increase your upvotes which ultimately leads to banned accounts. Here, we will be careful about all the rules and guidelines. We provide upvotes from the real user’s accounts.

Myth-4: The Trend of boosting upvotes has been decreased.

It is a common myth that the trend of buying upvotes has been decreased. Let’s see whether it is true or not!


According to the stats of 2022, 14000 businesses are created every day. The first and foremost step of every business is to create a social media presence, as it is the main part of the growth strategy. 55% of these businesses create social media profiles to generate traffic and conversions. So, whether your business is related to the advertisement, affiliate marketing, or anything else, creating a Reddit account and boosting your upvotes will always help. There is no chance of a decrease in the trend of boosting upvotes.

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