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How to Increase Yelp Reviews – 8 Working Steps

Online platforms like Yelp continuously provide guides on increasing Yelp reviews. In the advanced era of technology, where many IoT devices and platforms provide ease in transforming your business into a different dimension, platforms like Yelp help you grow your business with proper authentication and popularity. Several consumers are relying on reviews to try out your business. So, a good review from a credible source can ignite your success in your industry. Let’s roam into the valleys of productivity to increase reviews for your online presence for your business.

Steps to Increase Yelp Reviews

As you know, Yelp serves more than 60 million unique visitors every month to give their opinions to consumers about your business. So, it is essential to increase Yelp reviews, which will increase sales. Yelp is a two-way road; you can destroy your online presence by getting negative reviews or increase positive reviews by following our guide for increasing Yelp reviews. Here are some steps to follow to maintain your online aura:

  1. Update your Yelp profile
  2. Make a concise business page
  3. Put a Yelp section on your website
  4. Response to feedbacks
  5. Share your Yelp reviews on your social media
  6. Innovate
  7. Buy Yelp reviews
  8. Use review management software

These are pro tips to rank high in your league with the help of Yelp reviews.

Update Your Profile

Take your Yelp profile seriously and complete it thoroughly. Add all your information, like your working hours, promotions, operational flow, brand image, and services you offer. Provide all information clearly and concisely. Once you have all the required information, use a hook to grab customers to explore you more. For this purpose, make call-to-action statements like “Check us out on our website” or “Check us out on social media pages.” These types of call-to-action statements will intrigue your future customers to visit you.

Although Yelp provides all the necessary tools for free, “Yelp for Business Owners” is an all-in-one business and entrepreneurial suite that can be used. In this section, you can chat with your reviewers, address them about anything in your business, and offer them special discount packages, which will give them a reason to visit you. Moreover, in the Yelp business suite, small struggling businesses can run ads to place their businesses on Yelp’s website, just like on Facebook and Instagram. The paid ad campaign on Yelp itself will boost your credibility and authentication.

Make a Concise Business Page

Make your page your total brand identity; fill out all the required information a consumer must know before checking you in. For example, in your restaurant or café, if you have a reservation system, you should mention it clearly in your business profile or social media pages. Other than that, make all attributes in line and use funky stickers to show them in a visible position on your social media pages and your Yelp profile. If you have a website, then go there too. Your business page is all a consumer wants to know, so take a tight position to grab your customers.

Put Yelp Section on Your Website

Till now, you are very well aware of Yelp’s importance for your business, so it will be a genuine and quirky move to show Yelp’s profile widget on your website. So, your dear customers can click on the widget to review you on your Yelp profile; more genuine reviews will be a win-win situation for you. Also, in this way, your customers can review your business in a hassle-free way.

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Response to Feedback/ Reviews

Yes, it is quite difficult, but to leave a mark on your side, you should respond to your reviews, even the good ones. According to the research, 89% of consumers are not early adopters; they need validation from anyone to try a new spot or platform. Yelp is solving this dilemma and giving them validation about new business. Of those 89% of consumers, 55% of customers try those businesses that communicate with them. So, a good recommendation is to invest in Yelp’s business suite to communicate with your customers. In this way, you can definitely get a visible spot for those 55% top-notch customers.

Share Your 5-Star Reviews on Your Page.

Another small yet impactful trick is to share your 5-star Yelp reviews on your social media pages or on your website. This step will increase your audacity and authenticity towards your business. Customers love these types of businesses that are boldly showing their reviews on their own pages.


Remember! It wouldn’t be spring always; a bad review is always waiting for you. According to research, 10% of consumers are not always willing to review your products. To overcome this situation, you must be ready to communicate with them and solve their issue. You can also give them discount coupons as a gesture of goodwill. Innovate your business according to their reviews, and implement changes. In this way, if you are ready to innovate, you can gain trust.

Buy Yelp Reviews

Tired of trying all the possible solutions to increase Yelp reviews but still having no success? Then, simply buy those reviews. You can buy 100% real, authentic, and organic reviews from many vendors. Just pay the price, and you will get them. Websites like are selling real reviews from different profiles to cut off all your efforts. Simply sign up for their packages and enjoy them.

Review Management Software

Are you overwhelmed by the reviews you got from different platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and my business? Then, go for review management software like Sprout Social. This type of software will help you communicate with your customers across all platforms in one go.

In a Nutshell

Based on the upper discussion, you may get an idea of how important a review is for your business. There are plenty of ways to increase reviews for your business, but on the contrary, make your business trustworthy. Innovate on a regular basis, learn from mistakes, and increase your reach with more consumers in your targeted niche. Take a regular look at Yelp reviews and reach out to the customers for more engagement.

FAQs for How to Increase Yelp Reviews

Question: How do I get higher reviews?

Answer: There are many ways to increase Yelp reviews, but the following are the top 8 ways to increase Yelp reviews:

  • Update your Yelp profile
  • Make a concise business page
  • Put a Yelp section on your website
  • Response to feedbacks
  • Share your Yelp reviews on your social media
  • Innovate
  • Buy Yelp reviews
  • Use review management software

These are result-driven ways in which you can increase reviews.

Question: Can I delete negative Yelp reviews?

Answer: No, you cannot delete the negative Yelp review because it will raise questions about Yelp’s credibility and authenticity for its own users.

Question: Why is Yelp not recommending my customer’s review?

Answer: Yelp has a specialized algorithm and only recommends reviews from old and credible profiles.

Question: How do I ask my customer to leave a review?

Answer: Ask your customer to review the order after fulfilling it in a soft way. Leave a light note in an email or after completing your customer’s order.