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Followerzoid helps enthusiasts buy Instagram followers to highlight their social presence. Everybody wants a Lit Instagram, whether you’re a business owner or an influencer. A jumping Instagram account will get you the attention you want.

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How to Buy Instagram followers?

3 Easy Steps

Buy legit Instagram followers from Followerzoid in seconds, not days, months, or years of work. Just a few clicks and you’re famous! We designed this platform with simplicity in mind. So these 3 easy steps:




Find a Plan

Among the multitude of packages we offer at Followerzoid. We are waiting for you to pick up the most suitable for yourself.

Order Deliver to?

All of our orders have to go somewhere! That’s the Instagram link you put in our information forum at checkout.

Sit Back & See the Magic

After choosing your package and payments, you’re already done! Our process is expedited to deliver your orders.


Find Your Plan

Among the multitude of packages we offer at Followerzoid. We are waiting for you to pick up the most suitable for yourself.


Order Deliver to?

All of our orders have to go somewhere! That’s the Instagram link you put in our information forum at checkout.


Sit Back & See the Magic

After choosing your package and payments, you’re already done! Our process is expedited to deliver your orders.

What are the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

In today's day and age, a jumping Instagram account will take you places. The potential to be seen is huge on Instagram, with a whopping 2.4 billion monthly active users. Folks from the United States love to use this social network due to its dual usability behavior. However, reaching a massive audience is no easy job; you must spend months and months of daily posting to gain a decent following. 

We don't know much about you but screw that!

However, a follower service from Followerzoid can be your breakthrough if you are looking for exposure for your driving school, food restaurant, 7 Star hotel, music band, law firm, or other successful brand. Even if your goal is to earn money, you can either create a business account or go with an influential profile; every Instagram follower counts—Followerzoid busts through this follower barrier. Benefits of growing your Instagram followers are not limited to one aspect. More followers mean high, consistent engagement. 


Enhance Trust

Having a massive following shows everyone that people trust your content and brand. It gives you validity. No one is reaching out to tiny Instagram accounts.

More Brand Awareness

Your brand needs to be known. Every business online comes with a huge competition. It's a fight to the top. Newbies never knows about an emerging brand, but they are gonna go with whatever brand is most popular, aka ( massive amount of followers).

Organic Growth

Gaining followers is what we call organic growth; it's the one thing that increases your credibility and validity. If thousands of people like a specific post, BAM, your account is legit!

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Followerzoid Offer

Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram, but the days of the cheesy simple tags like #followforfollow and #likeforlike are well into the past, and we promise you they aren’t coming back. None of us have all day to sit around and analyze the perfect moment to post to attract followers. In fact, they don’t even get that much as well. Therefore, Followerzoid offers a platform where you can get millions of active accounts to increase your followers and likes. If you’re wondering, do I really need this? The answer is yes, yes, yes—unless you just don’t want to be famous.

Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram followers from Followerzoid and reload the app for results – Non drop followers, real engagements. Our hot deals starting at just 2.50$⚡🚀

YouTube Subscribers

Buy real YouTube subscribers organically. Get your road paved towards YouTube earning program with our efficient services. Delivery speed 500-2000 per day.

Kick Followers

Buy Kick followers and become partner at their streamers affiliate program. Our followers are verified profiles that put value into your streamings. Steps are simple as 1,2,3.

Threads Followers

After teasing of few days, Meta officially launched Threads on 5 July 2023! Buy Threads followers right away and become a successful user of this runaway hit app.

Apple Music Streams

Buy Apple music streams and get your songs heard by real listeners. Our streams let you earn royalties payments and rank your music brand in your audience.

Negative Google Reviews

Buying 1 star reviews at Followerzoid will defame your competitors secretly. We use secure environment to deliver sticky reviews that stands you tall among others.

📢 What's New in Our Gallery?

For businesses looking to buy Yelp reviews, Followerzoid is your #1 option. Nothing is better than a lot of online reputation, so we offer. We are working loads behind the scenes to make your hands on 5-star Yelp ratings.

Buying Instagram followers with Followerzoid

Buying Instagram followers with Followerzoid

Brands like Nike know the importance of buying Instagram followers for legitimate social credibility and reputation. Getting followers through Followerzoid brings you peace of mind because our New York team will handle each follower. Our team does more than our commitment and delivers the most authoritative followers in a quick way. To bury the hatchet, we track the stats on your profile, like:

  • Video Views & Likes Ratio
  • Average Engagement
  • Age of follower count
  • Gender of followers
  • Type of posts

We track these to guarantee that each follower is 100% engaging and authentic. This way, all you have to do is sit back and watch your engagement count go up, up, and up!

A Quick Comparison Between FollowerZoid and Competitors

Followerzoid ticks all the boxes!

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Is it cheap to buy Instagram followers? Is it Even Safe?

We hand-select every follower; they are carefully critiqued because it's critical to your public persona. While many celebrities and businesses get followers organically, we assure you there are far more that buy their followers cheaply. With our commitment to giving you the highest quality of followers, we are surprisingly cheaper than most other services on the market. So, at this point, if you're asking yourself, "Can I afford this?" The answer is, again, yes!
You can get real 100 followers for as little as $2.50, 10k at just 75$ in 2024. For a complete pricing list, click here. Whether you are a new brand, influencer, or just a regular Instagrammer, our follower plan will help you boost exposure and engagement instantly. Followerzoid's active Instagram followers will elevate your content to a broader, more targeted audience. In a nutshell, buying Instagram followers is a worthwhile investment in your IG growth & development.

A Favorable Note: It is beneficial to have a quotation on your Instagram health from our team before placing an order. Followerzoid analyzes your IG position, finds a solution, and blesses you with the best follower's plan to proceed.

Is it really safe to buy followers

Not found exactly what you’re looking for?

Social Media Marketing Expert

No Shadowban

Does it cost you a Shadow Ban? See How we are Legal.

Since the day Instagram was launched to the public, buying followers has been legal as long as you buy them from a trusted company. A shadow ban occurs when you use other people's content without permission. Shadow ban doesn’t mean your account got banned or something like that. It means Instagram has restricted your posts to reach new audiences and limit visibility. Shadow ban usually occurs when you copy other users’ content or duplicate your competitors’ posts without tagging/credit.

But yes, a sudden spike in popularity is often related to some sketchy activity, but there are no worries here. Our process isn't any different than you asking your mom to follow you.

Rest assured you are safe and sound with our service ( we fully comply with Instagram's terms and conditions).

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Find all the essential information at your fingertips about our Instagram growth.

75000 customers can’t be wrong! Trust Followerzoid, trust in your new followers, and trust in your safe growth.

Is buying followers on Instagram against the policy?

Instagram is an open platform for everyone who has the potential to become famous or wish to be. It’s in your hands what method you choose; you can even get more followers by paying for ads on Instagram itself. There’s a thing to think that paying Instagram for followers is all good, but purchasing Instagram followers from a third-party platform triggers the algo. Strange? Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Therefore, come out of illusions and invest in buying Instagram followers to get the decent exposure you deserve.

How much is it to buy 1000 Instagram followers?

The cost to buy 1k Instagram followers varies from quality to quality. A good-quality 1k followers package is available for $12.50 in the market, and some also offer it for $1. The choice is yours; what are you going to pick for your IG? Quality followers or straight bots?

Will anyone know I’ve purchased followers?

We care for your privacy, and your secret is safe with Followerzoid. Nobody aside from you will know that you bought followers. The rest of the thing would clear our natural-looking, high-quality Instagram followers.

What’s the guarantee if I am not satisfied with the service?

Thanks for asking. We offer a refund guarantee for those not satisfied with our service. All you have to do is send us mail or contact us through our number about your issue within 7 days of purchase. We will listen to your appeal and select a suitable solution in terms of a complete or partial refund of your order.

What’s the estimated time to get followers?

As soon as you place your first order, our team will start working on your profile and deliver fast services. Delivery completion can take more time, depending on the stock available and server issues. However, we aim to deliver over 1 million Instagram followers within 7 days of the order in patches.

Is buying followers the only way to grow Instagram?

There are a lot of organic marketing strategies other than buy Instagram followers. It’s just a part of your marketing game that is worthwhile, and most of you are doing it. Don’t forget the importance of engaging content, good captions and interaction with other Instagrammers when trying to get exposure on IG.

Can I buy Instagram followers with a private profile?

A big no. We only provide followers to public users because time is money! Due to a rush of orders, we can’t wait for you to approve every single follower when we start delivering. Our team works 24/7 to hear from you; drop your specifications if you have about followers’ appearance, and we deliver the same. Thank you.

Is there a possibility of my followers decreasing over time?

Chances are, when you buy Instagram followers, some of the followers will unfollow you. Every real user has the right to follow or unfollow a profile depending on their need and interests. However, we don’t leave you in the middle of the road. Followerzoid has records of your count, and we promise to replace every follower that leaves your profile. So, believe us for making your social media presence stronger.

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Don’t hesitate to reach us at admin@followerzoid.com.

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Followerzoid was the key to building a real presence for our company on Instagram. We’ve been buying their followers for several months and our account has grown almost 3000% since we started, leading to a big increase in online sales. Five stars.

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